Fatty Liver Diet- Foods to eat and avoid

The body stores fat in many places, including the liver, for energy and insulation. A high fat content in the liver may be a sign of fatty liver disease. The first-line treatment for this condition is dietary changes and life style intervention.

Include below foods in your diet if you notice symptoms of fatty liver-

  • Coffee: One of the best foods to include in your daily routine for the health of your liver is by consuming two cup of black coffee every day. (without sugar)

  • Whey Protein: Due to inflammation, a low-protein diet might result in a fatty liver. Thus, the ideal protein intake is required for the body to function healthily. (19/Kg body weight)

  • Green Vegetables: Green vegetables like spinach and broccoli can lessen the accumulation of fat in the liver. Try to consume a lot of lettuce, methi, mustard, broccoli, spinach, and other cruciferous vegetables every day. Including lots of greens to your diet is another excellent weight-management strategy. They not only contain antioxidants but also provides protein in moderate quantity.

  • Nuts and Seeds: Almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and other nuts and seeds are high in poly and monounsaturated fatty acids. This unsaturated fat is known as “good fat” because it is beneficial to the body. Furthermore, nuts and seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids. This, in turn, helps to reverse fatty liver disease. (consume not more than 5-10 nuts a day)
  • Chicken and Egg: Proteins that are biologically active can be found in chicken and eggs. The body easily assimilates and digests the bioactive protein. A sufficient amount of protein can aid in the treatment of fatty liver disease because a low protein diet is a primary contributor to the fat buildup in the liver.


        7 Foods to Avoid on a Fatty Liver Diet

   NAFLD is more commonly caused by diets high in sugar and carbohydrates than you might think. Of course, avoiding              saturated fat is crucial for both weight loss and general health. But, cutting back on carbohydrates will contribute to             improving your fatty liver condition.

Following foods should be avoided if you have fatty liver-

  • Alcohol: Alcohol is one of the things that should be avoided the most when suffering with NAFLD. Consumption of alcohol will not only cause fatty liver but also can worsen an already existing condition.
  • Sugar: Reduce your intake of sweets. Even naturally occurring sugars from things like citrus juice and honey should be cut down.

  • Refined carbs: White carbs like spaghetti and bread should be avoided. You can swap them out for whole-grain substitutes like quinoa, whole wheat bread, and pasta made from black beans.

  • Fried foods: Fried foods are rich in fat and sugar, including French fries, chips, chicken wings, doughnuts, etc. Thus, eating these meals causes your blood sugar to increase, which is one of the causes of NAFLD.

  • Saturated fat: Any form of saturated fat should be avoided, including that found in butter and red flesh. Instead, swap it out for healthy fats like cold-pressed nuts, avocado, and olive oils.


  • Red meat: Saturated fats are prevalent in red meats like beef and pig. If you have fatty liver, it is not advised to eat red meat as it will add to the excess fat content in the liver. If these foods are not processed properly they can cause inflammation which will worsen the condition of the liver.


Poor diet, obesity, pre-diabetes, genetics, and poor gut health can all contribute to Fatty Liver Disease. If you have a fatty liver, avoid sugar, white carbs, alcohol, salt, and saturated fat. Overall, you must eat a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar level. A healthy lifestyle, regular physical activity, water, and sleep patterns all help in maintain to a healthy liver and overall good health. Consult a specialist as soon as possible to begin treatment for fatty liver, which will help the condition improve more quickly.

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